5 Great Conservatory Conversion Ideas

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November 12, 2018
5 Great Conservatory Conversion Ideas

5 Conversion Ideas for your Conservatory

Conservatory Conversion Ideas

Your empty conservatory, ready to be converted.

So now many people have an empty conservatory and no idea what to do with it. Here are some great ideas to help you come up with something.

  • Home Gym

With a minimal amount of adaptation, you can transform your conservatory into a handy gym where you can pound a few miles out before you go to work or pump your guns in the evening. You only need to really shift all your junk out and stick in some equipment and you are good to go (see Conservatory Prices 2018 here).

  • Playroom

If you have boisterous kids tearing up your living room, turning your conservatory  into a room just for them can be a godsend. After you have moved all your junk, you will need to insulate the walls so that your kids stay warm and you will need to make the room secure so that they can’t go running off towards the street when you aren’t looking. After you have done that you only need to stick their toys in and make sure there is nothing to sharp or hard for them to fall on and ‘hey presto’.

  • Cat Sanctuary

Do you love cats? This could be your opportunity to take a whole bunch in from the cold. You will need to modify your conservatory by installing heating and some cages, as well as providing soft places for them to lounge and if possible, access to your garden so you don’t have to deal with so many litter trays.

  • Cinema

With an injection of cash, you can turn your conservatory into a comfortable luxurious home cinema. Heating, flooring and soft seats along with surround sound and a big TV or projector will make a very nice cinema of your very own. This would not work with sunrooms as there would be too much light, so you need to make sure your conservatory conversions have good coverings for the windows.

  • Office

Planning on working from home? Make yourself a swanky office with carpets and leather bound books on mahogany bookshelves. Then you can do business deals in your pajamas like a pro.

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